Frequently Asked Questions


This page will answer many of the questions you may have about eligibility for the program, payout, quality control and insurance. If you have a question that hasn't been answered on this page, feel free to contact us directly.



Can anyone join your network as a sub-contractor?

No. We can only work with detailers with previous experience. We place premium value in the quality of the work our technicians perform, therefore any sub-contractor will be held to the same standards. This is why we are very selective in choosing which companies to partner with.

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Who is eligible for your program?

Our program is best suited for 2 types of individuals:

1) Current owners of licensed and insured mobile car wash companies who are looking for more customers in their service area.

2) Experienced detailers who may work for someone else, but has a desire to strike it out on their own. These qualified individuals can rent our vans, equipment and opt into our sub-contractor program, if they so desire.

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If I don't have insurance, what are my options?

Any sub-contractor that we work with has to be licensed and insured. We realize that although a company may be licensed, they may not have garage liability insurance. If a company joins our network and they don't have insurance, we provide an option to be carried under our policy. This will protect the detailer from liability (only on our contracted customers).

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Do I need insurance to rent the van and equipment?

Yes. In order to rent our van and equipment, you must have personal vehicle insurance. Your insurance policy will cover your use of the van. There is also an option to purchase our supplemental insurance policy. This will cover any damages that may occur that exceed the ceiling of your personal policy.

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Why a 60/40 split, when I'm doing most of the work?

Being that the customers that you will be servicing are actually our customers, we feel this is a fair compensation structure. Keep in mind, we are performing all of the marketing & logisitics. Being that we have such a high call volume in certain areas, we chose to work with suitable companies as opposed to turning down the work. For the detailers we choose to work with, this is a major benefit. They get additional work close to where they are located without any additional costs to fuel or marketing.

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How long before I recieve my money for the work I performed?

We pay out balances weekly. Each Friday, each sub-contractor will have all funds that were accrued, from the previous Friday to Thursday, deposited in their accounts (or a check can be mailed). For more information on how this process works, take a look at our How Do I Get Paid section.

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Why must I have a smartphone?

We manage our sub-contractor program by using 2 mobile applications.

1) One application is used to assign work orders. Each morning, you will open this app and see what jobs you have set up for that day. You will also use this app to block out personal time. If you don't want any jobs booked on a certain date and/or time, you can block it out with the app and we will know that you aren't available.

2) The other application is used to process payments. We don't accept cash or check payments - only credit/debit cards. Each sub-contractor will be set up an account that they will use to process their payments. They will be able to login and track how much money they earned over a specific pay period with this application. This makes the payment process transparent and seamless.

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Can I choose to get paid out daily, instead of weekly?

No. We pay out on a net 7 basis. Our accounting department process payments at the end of each week. However, each day, you will recieve a statment of how much money you generated that day (minus credit card processing fees). This way, you will know how much you will earn by the end of the week.

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Why should I join this program when I can do all this on my own?

It's simple... your in business to make money and we have more customers then we can adequately service. There are no upfront costs to join the program. If there is work in your service area, you will be notified and paid. If there is no work in your area on a particular day, then you proceed with business as you usually run it. This is a great way to make extra money by doing more of what you already do. We just do all the leg work for you.

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Is there a review process for sub-contractors?

Yes, there is. After each service call we send you, we contact the customer upon completion. Our goal is to find out about the quality of the service. We've worked with many detailers over the years and not all of them meet our quality standards. If we get too many negative reviews about the service that was performed by any particular detailers, they will be removed from the program and we will seek another detailer in thier particular service area.

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What is a non-compete agreement & why do I have to sign one?

Non-Compete Agreement

A non compete agreement is a contract between an employee and an employer, where the employee agrees not to enter into competition with the employer after s/he terminates employment. A non compete agreement is typically in effect for a certain period of time after employment ends.

By working with sub-contractors, we are essentially send you to our customers. The terms of our agreement is that although you are performing the work, these clients are still in fact Our Customers. The non-compete agreement basically states that you will not steal our customers away from us. If there is evidence that this is the case, we will immediately terminate you from the sub-contractor program.

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