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We primarily work with mobile car wash companies that already have an established presence in South Florida. In some cases, we work with individuals that have mobile car wash & detailing experience, but don't have the necessary equipment to go out on their own and start a business. The information below outlines the details of our sub-contractor program.


Pre-defined Service Area

Coral-SpringsA pre-defined service area is the area in which you prefer to focus on performing your detailing services. If your home base is in Coral Springs, you may prefer to focus on only providing detailing services in the Coral Springs & Parkland areas. 

Once you are accepted into our network as a sub-contractor, our focus is to match you with customers requiring services in your pre-defined service area. So, if you're a mobile detailer who primarily services Coral Springs and Parkland, any customer who books with us in that area will be routed to you for service.

Once you develop an effective presence in your service area, there is no longer any reason to travel 20 miles, north or south, to pick up work. That means you save fuel and you can make more money by servicing more customers in your predefined service area. 

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Service Request & Work Order Management

 features li2As service requests are routed into our call center, we use our database to identify what company is the designated sub-contractor in the customers service area. Once we know the type of service the customer requires, we look at your calendar of availablity and if you can handle the work load, we assign the service to you.

The way we are able to know what you have available and alert you to the new service request is by the use of our field management software. As long as you have a smartphone (ios, android or windows 8 devices),  you will be able to download our software from the app store and do the following:




  • Track all of your service requests 
  • Block out time that isn't available for additional bookings
  • Add service history notes
  • Get directions to & from the customers location
  • Track how much revenue you earned 

Another great feature about our mobile field app is that is has a gps feature. That means, if you are outside of your pre-defined service area and we have a customer who needs service close to your physical location, its easy to schedule for that job. 


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How Do You Get Paid

squareUpMobileSwipeBeing that Car Wash Genie is doing all of the marketing, lead generation and scheduling while you do the work, we structured a 60/40 payment system. This means that you take home 60% of the service price and we take the 40%.

All payments will be credit card transactions (no cash or checks). We will supply you with a mobile credit card processing app to use with your smart phone with your own login and password. Once you process the payment, there is a 2.75% to 3.75% + $0.15 transaction fee charged by the bank.


percentage breakdownIf you performed a $115.00 service for a customer and punched in the credit card number, the bank would charge $4.18 in fees. That would leave $110.82, which would be split 60/40. You would take home $66.49 and our company would retain the remaining $44.33.


 Each Friday, we deposit the balance that was generated for the current week into your personal or business checking account. Our system provides access that allows you to keep an eye on how much you generated that week (see image below)

     Your Account Dashboard

your account dashboard


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 How Do You Get Started?

We've been in business since 2007 and we have a lot of satisfied customers. We've also seen alot of mobile car wash companies come and go. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing to us and this is why we don't work with just any detailing company. 

The companies that we work with have to have the following to be considered for our program:

  •   Verifiable Experience: We can't let unexperienced detailers work on our customers cars and cause any type of damage. Therefore, we must have a clear understanding of your level of experience.
  •   Reputable References: We will need to talk to a few of your satisfied customers to understand the level of quality service you provide. 
  •   Liability Insurance: We are looking for companies that are licensed and insured. If you do not carry liability insurance, there is an option to be listed under our policy.
  •  Smartphone Required: The core of our program is based around our mobile field management and payment processing applications. Therefore any applicant must possess a smartphone (ios, android or windows 8 device). 


If you meet all of the requirements above and want to join our network as a sub-contractor, call us at (754) 600-9071 and someone can discuss the program with you a little further.

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Vehicle and Equipment Rental Program

rent mobile car wash van equipmentWe also offer services to detailers who may be employed with other detailing companies and want to strike out on thier own. For these individuals we have fully stocked vans (pressure washers, polishers, vacuums, generators, etc) with supplies available for use. 

For those interested in this program, the 60/40 pay structure still applies on the sub-contracted work, but there is an additional daily rental charge of $130 for the van and the equipment. This means that every morning you will have a van with all the supplies and equipment you need to go out and make money. If you decide you want to join the sub-contracting program as well, we can accomodate that.

This program is perfect for individuals who want to build their own mobile car wash business, but don't have the necessary $3-5000 that is necessary for start up costs. 

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Training Program

car-detailing-trainingWe offer a variety of services from basic in & out washes to paint reconditioning and wet-sanding. We know that different detailers have different skill sets. Once you join our network, we will find out what areas you want to foucs on. If you have higher level detailing skills, then you have the ability to make more money, because we will book the detailing requests with you. 

If your a detailer that is more comfortable with washes and hand waxes, but would like to learn more, we have a training program just for you. 

Our training programs don't just focus on the technical aspects of detailing, we have programs that focus on training you how to build your company the sustainable way. You can learn about marketing (online, direct mail, social media, local, etc), customer relationship management, organizational structure, time and resource management and more. 

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